Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Camp + Others

Well, it was ok. If you count getting a phone call at 11:30PM because Candice wont go to sleep ok, then yes it was ok. I dropped her off on the 23rd and she actually didnt fight me on that. I was glad. I didnt pack her Melatonin because I didnt think shed need it. I was wrong. I thought shed be so tired she wouldnt need it. Apparently she had some listening problems, but did over all well. The nurse and counselor called me to ask if they could give her Benadryl because she wouldnt go to sleep. In the end they didnt have to give it to her. The next day and last day went better apparently. She says they got in boats, played in the jumpy house, made light, stood in the water. I think she had a good time and we will try it again next year, if they want us back. lol.

In other news...we are not going to do the Science Fair. There is so much else going on right now with trying to move and everything. We are going to try the new CHEC group and go to their Field Day this week. I hope its a good fit for us!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No more scouts and Bible is out!

Well, that Girl Scout troop didnt quite work out for us. I think God had a different plan really. I did drive Candice to camp. On friday like my paper said and no one was there. Lovely huh? There is another troop starting this fall on CHEC and i feel like it will be a better fit. More organized and already they are friendly.
Positive Action Bible. I loved everything about it. I have loved it for 2 years. Now? I hate it and the girls are bored with it. Ok, i dont hate it, but its not what i thought. Its a lot of fill in the blank and coloring. Coloring is never a good thing in this house because then they dont want to do the rest of lessons. Bible is out. We need a new Bible Curriculum. I kind of like but i dont know? HELP!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Daddy Does Bible

Candice asked Lance to do Bible tonight, which surprised me. She did 4 pages and did really well with fill in the blanks. She learned about Abraham. I dont like to do Bible first because then she wants to color instead of doing lessons. Which she needs to do lessons, so I prefer to do Phonics.

Monday is her spelling test. We didnt do Scouts Saturday, which is another post.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Its getting harder

Lana is having trouble with Left and Right if given a worksheet, but when shes quizzed using the hands I have taped on her name plate, she gets it right 9/10 times. She did very well with Smallest and Biggest.
Candice is getting into harder Phonics rules- Constant Blends.. shes getting confused on the rules and how the blends make the sounds. she also still needs to take her spelling test.

By The Way- THANK YOU to all my Blog Followers and Readers. Please leave me comments. Maybe one of these days I can have a contest :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beg me to color please!

Lana is having issues. I guess i knew it would happen. She skips ahead without finishing the page shes on, which is just Im thinking boredom and excitement. Then she is refusing to color unless its in marker, which some things i prefer crayon. In R&S today she had to color Left to Right and struggled a bit, but got it. Then she had to color, cut and play with baby animals and their moms, but wouldnt color. She says " I dont like coloring, its too bumpy". I cant change the table. Ha.

Candice did 2 writing worksheets and did well. Then in Phonics we worked on Vowel Digraphs and she had a bit of trouble, but understood overall. All these rules are confusing, even to me!! In Spelling she had a pre-test and did pretty bad, she got a 17%.

Candice has a Science Fair coming up May 30th and we need to start thinking about a project she can do. Im thinking something with Astronomy since shell be doing that this fall. Ideas? Thoughts? Pins on Pinterest you like?????

Monday, May 7, 2012


Candice today took her Phonics test. She got a 74%!! Thats pretty good actually. She had 43 questions and got 32 right. She missed silent vowels, forgot to carry the D over for Day in To+Day=Today, missed a few letters on base words, and forgot a few vowel pairs. Overall? She needs review of Base words from suffixes being added. She had a bit of trouble in Bible as it was asking her to write a poem about work. Spelling she did a few worksheets and did great! Pre-Test tomorrow!
Lana did her review very well. She knew everything!! Today she did Brown and Orange. She cut and pasted shapes and traced some lines and shapes. She had some trouble with Triangle.
Candice had Scouts today and she turned in her slip for Scout camp this Friday and they did Zumba and she had a BLAST!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Things Are Happening!

Amazing things. So far Lana has known everything in her Rod & Staff book. All the colors and shapes, even "Are they Alike?". AMAZING!!! I love that its so simple. I know some dont like it because its cut and dry, but it works for us and I dont regret it!
Candice is doing better. She wrote her spelling words today and tomorrow is some more review with her test Monday. Phonics is going GREAT! She is amazing me at how she can sound out the words and knows most of the rules for vowels, phonics, etc. Today we worked on Bl, Br and Vowel Pairs. Then in Bible we talked about Adam and Eve and I had her draw a picture of our family.

Our read aloud is going great too. Candice LOVES it. She cant wait however to get her next book, which is a horse book. A nice lady on Well Trained Mind sent us a big box of books and Candice was THRILLED!

I did separate the girls today and it worked out much better. No talking, etc. Candice did help Lana with one of her coloring pages, but that was it. Everyone got their work done and everyone was happy. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cutting and Pasting

Lana needs to be watched very carefully. She gets off track very easily. She has however been doing really well with Rod & Staff and I am proud of her. She LOVES the cutting and pasting. So much so that she pasted paper to my walls.
Candice decided to cut her bangs today. Without permission. Mommy was NOT thrilled. She gave me heck about Spelling and I dont know why because its basically copywork. Shes been doing really well in bible, but its coloring and she is taking her time with it, which creates issues because she gets behind.

I think instead of working at the table, we are going to use the TV trays. Separate the girls. Too much talking, fighting and distracting going on.

Then today I was suppose to tutor a Kindergartener and a 4th grader from a neighbor, but they didnt show up.