Monday, May 7, 2012


Candice today took her Phonics test. She got a 74%!! Thats pretty good actually. She had 43 questions and got 32 right. She missed silent vowels, forgot to carry the D over for Day in To+Day=Today, missed a few letters on base words, and forgot a few vowel pairs. Overall? She needs review of Base words from suffixes being added. She had a bit of trouble in Bible as it was asking her to write a poem about work. Spelling she did a few worksheets and did great! Pre-Test tomorrow!
Lana did her review very well. She knew everything!! Today she did Brown and Orange. She cut and pasted shapes and traced some lines and shapes. She had some trouble with Triangle.
Candice had Scouts today and she turned in her slip for Scout camp this Friday and they did Zumba and she had a BLAST!

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