Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spelling Monster is back

Yes, it is. That nasty, annoying Spelling Monster is back. Him and the Math monster seem to trade off from time to time around here. Candice is struggling with Spelling. She is confusing U for O. We will just have to work harder and longer on the words. Everything else is going GREAT though!! The Math Monster might be back next week as we are doing skip counting and even to me thats scary!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its a Breeze

Candice is breezing through this stuff this week! Gosh!! We have hit a few bumps on Spelling, but everything else is clicking and to me thats GREAT!
Lance scheduled off for the Midwest Homeschool Convention. We are going April 20th. Im hoping to go early in the AM this year. IF we buy everything, well spend about $250. Not bad really. Thats for 2nd grade Phonics, Science, Math, History, and Bible. I CANT WAIT!!! The only thing i want to look for is Writing. Im not sure if well get it because it looks like Horizons 2nd grade Writing gets more in depth with writing, teaching Cursive.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Week, New things

Candice did SO well last week! Im proud of her. :)

Today in Phonics we worked on Compound words. Horizons teaches it as a single word that you have to break into two, but Im teaching Candice as 2 words that you connect into 1. She seems to connect it better this way. Math is Addition. YAHOO, we care moving on!! Writing is a new bible verse: Love your neighbor as yourself Matt 19:19. Spelling has a new, harder list of words.

Tonight was Scouts and Candice made a necklace that had the colors of the petals on the Daisy Flower.

Tomorrow is more working on the same and Wednesday is MOPS for Lana. Candice will stay with Lance.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Day In Our Homeschool Life

1:25PM- Day started:
The girls are sitting down with their Calender Notebooks. I let Lana do hers by herself and I help Candice. I use it more for review than anything. I also turn on music (93.3FM) for them while we do lessons.

1:35 PM-
Lana works on her notebook by herself while I ask Candice what subject she wants to do next, she chooses Phonics.
Candice starts by picking a story out of her Reader for us to read. I ask her to point out any spelling words. I also ask Reading Comprehension questions.
Then we get started on the Phonics Lesson.

1:52PM- Snack while doing lessons. Today is Cherrios.

Lana watched a movie (Clifford) while Candice finishes her Phonics. She's going a bit slower today because theres quite a lot of writing to this lesson.

Candice finished Phonics so now we are moving on to her next choice, after a bit of a fight (she said "I dont want to do any more lessons"). Next is Writing.
Candice writes her bible verse- God Is Love 1 John 4:16. Then she chooses to do Spelling next.

Candice chooses to begin her Spelling test. I give her the words and she spells them. She can choose to do them in her Strawberry Shortcake Journal or in her Spelling book. She usually chooses Strawberry Shortcake. I give her 20mins to take her test. Then I score it.

2:37PM- Lana cries for her blankie stalling Candice's Spelling test.

2:38PM- Spelling Test started.

2:45PM -
Candice finishes Spelling test and scores 100% with 15mins left on the timer!! She has Math left to do and then its Computer Time. This is usually a struggle. She is in fact throwing a fit right now at the thought of doing Math.

We start on Math, counting to 20. We begin by Candice counting Grapes. She counts to 10 and then I make her count to 20 from 11. She masters this and then we move on to some worksheets in her book.  I have her fill in the missing number. we have had some trouble with this, so Im hoping today will be better.

Candice is finished with the school day and now has Educated Computer time. She usually chooses between Zoodles or Reading Eggs. Today she chose Reading Eggs. She'll do Lesson 2 today and then she is officially finished for the school day.


Thats our typical school day. The only thing we didnt do today was Morning Message. I honestly forgot. Some days it takes longer with more fits and Lana interruptions, sometimes its faster because we have a really good day and Candice seems to breeze through everything. At the Convention we will find Science and History, so that will make our day longer, but overall, im happy with everything. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day In Our Homeschool Life to come!

Tomorrow (if everyone cooperates) Im going to a Day In Our Homeschool Life. 1+1+1=1 did a version and shes inspired me to do one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100% and not a bit less!

Candice got 100% on her Spelling pre-test. 100% 
Im very proud of her!!

Math is still a struggle and i just dont know what to do. Everyone keeps telling me- have her count objects, but she still doesnt get it. We are on Lesson 14 of MUS and we cant really move on like i thought because lesson 17 is Skip Counting. Phonics is tugging along, but she doesnt seem to understand when to Capitalize and when to use (.)/(!)/(?). Ive tried giving examples and most of the time she gets it right, but when i ask her to do it on her own she cant. Im wondering if maybe just practicing it in her Writing lesson might be better. Writing is good, writing the bible verse and i got her a new journal to do it in tonight. 
I also signed up for Reading Eggs, im hoping that helps Candice too. Click N Spell is ok, but i dont think its what we are looking for. 
AND....Candice told us 2 bedtime stories tonight- The 3 bears and The 3 little pigs. She told them 100% correctly too! 

Tomorrow we are going to my moms and i already told Candice, she will be doing lessons at Nanas house. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well there went that.....

Days like today I SERIOUSLY question Homeschooling. Candice drives me BONKERS! I know she knows how to count to 20, she just did it yesterday. Today, she did a few worksheets and did GREAT, then when i started quizzing her, suddenly she couldnt count past 10 again.

We started out ok.....

She did Writing and then messed up for Math. We didnt do Phonics or Spelling. We have been working on her Morning message though and thats going well. Tomorrow, well just have to work on some different things to try and get this to sink in. Im so lost. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

She did it!

Today Candice finally counted to 20!!! She finally got it! Im SO proud of her. She did very well on lessons and earned her button.

then in Phonics we worked on Sentence endings. She seems to understand that, which is good!

Then tonight we went to a local Homeschool Meeting and it was VERY small. 3 people. I liked it and they seem nice. I do wish it was a tad more people. We'll go back though. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

The last week has been pretty good. We did a lot of field trips and different things. Lessons have been 10x better since dropping Lana. She just isnt ready and thats ok.

Candice took her 1st Phonics test and got a 76%!!

We are stuck on Counting to 20. For some reason she can't seem to click with this. Im not sure what we'll do.

We have been skipping writing, as Im just not thrilled with it, but we have been writing and reviewing the Bible verse every day in her Calender Notebook.

Its been slow, Candice is fighting me on it and she "pretends" she cant spell the words, but I know she can.

We went to the Zoo, Started Girl Scouts and went to a CHEC Skate Party!

Over all, im pleased and at peace with this week compared to last week. We just need to work on Math and ill feel a lot better!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Convention is coming up!

Its time to start thinking about what we'll look at and buy at the Convention. Usually its cheaper to buy it at the convention (for one, they have discounts and two- NO SHIPPING!).

I know we will need to buy:
Apologia Science
Positive Action Bible Curriculum

Id like to buy:
MUS Beta
Horizons 2nd grade phonics/writing/spelling

We NEED to find:
History curriculum of some kind.
Possibly another Writing curriculum.

Of course there are things id like to look at more in depth since we didnt get the chance to last year- Heart Of Dakota, Saxon to name two. Im trying to get Lance to request off rather than waiting until the last day, like we did last year. Id also like to go early this time. LUCKILY, by the grace of God, Lance has a job this year so we'll have money to buy things. Last year we werent so lucky.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zoo Field Trip!

Today we met up with a few MOPS moms and went to the Zoo! The girls had a BLAST!!!!!!!! We left at 10 and didnt come home until after 1 and then ended up going to the Park. We saw most of the main animals. It was perfect weather and the animals cooperated too, so that was nice.

At The Park

Monday, March 12, 2012

Phonics Test #1 and Scouts

Candice took her FIRST Phonics test today over the basic Vowel Rules........scored a 76%!!!

Candice also went to Scouts tonight and earned her YELLOW Daisy petal!! Im so excited for her! Its a good group and she had fun!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure!

Today was the local Homeschool Group's Skating party. It was a BLAST! I wasnt sure about Lana going because she can be picky about some things. Candice, i figured she'd be fine. This is the first time the girls have gone Skating and my first time since Middle School! At first the girls went around the carpeted area and they held on to me and the wall as if they were dying. I fell and so did they so many times our butts hurt! Then by the time it was almost time to leave, the girls decided to be brave and get on the rink...... Candice actually did GREAT! Lana held my hand and the wall. I think we'll do it again! Pretty good time around other weird, crazy, unsocialized homeschoolers (ha.ha).

The girls when we got there
I might go out there? I dont think so!

On the carpet

On the Rink!

Before Skating though I wanted to get review in with their Calender Notebooks. Thanks!!! She uses them with her kids and i adapted hers for my kids. Lana's has 123's, Abc's and 1 daily drawing page. Candice's has: Calender, Weather, daily drawing, Daily Math, Phonics Rule, Spelling words, Working Words, and Bible Verse.



Also, Thanks to CHEC, my local Homeschool Group, they along with a local Camp, host a Homeschool Summer Camp! (IE: The ticker above) I signed Candice up!! It will be May 23-25 overnight and I bet she'll have SO much fun!

Then Girl Scouts are Monday!!! Im excited for Candice. I feel it will really be a positive thing to do for her self esteem (not that she lacks, improving is all i mean) and ability to love others.
I feel like ever since Candice hit 1st grade, all of these opportunities have opened up and i LOVE it!
Thanks AGAIN to, I am now taking her Morning Message idea too. (what can i say? shes FULL of ideas!!!!!). I will do mine in a similar way. I think this will help Candice has a better attitude.
I wanted to share this idea I created!!!

** Does your child have issues with spacing letters or words? Fingers get in the way, so wht not use a Tongue Depressor?!! Perfect SIZE!

I feel BEYOND blessed lately.