Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cutting and Pasting

Lana needs to be watched very carefully. She gets off track very easily. She has however been doing really well with Rod & Staff and I am proud of her. She LOVES the cutting and pasting. So much so that she pasted paper to my walls.
Candice decided to cut her bangs today. Without permission. Mommy was NOT thrilled. She gave me heck about Spelling and I dont know why because its basically copywork. Shes been doing really well in bible, but its coloring and she is taking her time with it, which creates issues because she gets behind.

I think instead of working at the table, we are going to use the TV trays. Separate the girls. Too much talking, fighting and distracting going on.

Then today I was suppose to tutor a Kindergartener and a 4th grader from a neighbor, but they didnt show up.

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