Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Road Block?

The last few days I feel like there is a road block up with the girls. Candice refuses to do her Math and Lana refuses to do anything with Phonics. I did make up some flashcards for Candice in hopes they will help her with math. We will try them tomorrow. As for Lana, I feel like she may just need a break. Maybe she isn't quite ready yet for school? I feel like shes learning, but maybe it isn't connecting yet.
I decided to try shaving cream for Phonics & Spelling with the girls, that was a no-go. They both thought it was gross.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Spelling Test!!!

Candice did a spelling test tonight with last weeks words and got 8 out of 12!! Thats actually pretty good!

Using Bananagrams to spell her words

Correcting her misspelled words

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Lana worked on letters A and B. She seems to be having trouble with letter B. Im not sure if thats a fine motor skill issue or not. We will continue to work on it. 
Candice worked on Vowels. Short and Long Vowels. She is really catching on to the concept and seems to have no issues.

Lana had to be ordered new Math curriculum after Math U See did not work for her. So she skipped math this week. 
Candice worked on Place Value. Ones House and Tens House. She knew Ones, but had trouble with Tens. She seems to understand it better now after a ton of review, which is good because next is Hundreds House and she has to know Tens before we move on. Ill keep reviewing until she gets it and im confident she knows it. 

Lana didnt do writing this week, i think she needs a bit of review though. How the lines and letters are formed, etc.
Candice worked on formation of letters As, Os, etc. I really think shell breeze through this book, so we are taking it slow...just as a filler mostly.

Candice fought me so hard on this and im surprised! I thought shed LOVE spelling. Not so much. She got a 50% on her Spelling pre-test. Im not sure if maybe she needs major review or she knows it but its not fun to her? 

Lana Writing A's

Candice doing Writing

Lana's Bs

Candice's Math- 6's

Candice's Spelling

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Set up & Schedule

Here is our set up at the dining room table. Oh how i miss my School Room :(

How we have the set up at the table. Lana on Left and Candice on Right

Candice's Station. (we dont really use the red trays anymore, but they hold extra supplies)

Lana's Station. (dont use red trays- see above)

Sorry its sideways, this is where we hold the curriculum. The bin holds my teacher books and red trays hold extra supplies

Candice and Lana do Phonics & Math together, then break.
Candice & Lana do Writing together, then Lana is Finished!
Candice does Spelling on her own, then she's Finished!
Then its Homework time for Candice with daddy and Review of the day for Lana!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Spelling Monster is Gone but now the Phonics Monster is here!

Yesterday the Spelling Monster was here. Candice refused to do spelling. Refused! Today? The Phonics Monster is here. Lana refuses to do Phonics. Candice is having trouble with Place Value. She doesnt seem to understand the concept. Im discouraged. She hasn't completed Writing or Phonics today but did 100000000X better on Spelling! Lana's Math will be here likely Tuesday or so.

I thought having a curriculum would be easier, its harder. :(

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its here!!

The curriculum arrived yesterday! Well I had a mishap with UPS and had to go get it at 7pm, when it should have been here at noon...but its here!!!!!! Im SO excited!

We will start today. Im hoping everything goes smoothly. Very Hopeful.
Oh it was a learning process Ill tell you that. Lana cant focus much on anything and Candice was being lazy at times. Candice breezed through everything except Spelling. She needs to work on that. Lana has trouble writing her letters and Math U See Primer didnt help anything. It is not K like i thought. Candice can skip 1/2 the book, which is fine. I caved in and ordered Horizons K Math. I didnt want to, but oh well.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Curriculum ORDERED!

I have to admit and its hard to do so... I have been slacking. Majorly on the girls curriculum and schooling. I still thought I could do it on my own and doing it whenever I felt like and sadly, it doesnt work out that way. Lana is more preschool/Kindergarten level. Im not so focused on her right now, but Candice is making progress despite not sitting down every day and working.  Math, still needs MAJOR work. Its a weak point of mine and i will likely avoid it like the plague, but i know it needs to be done. So, I ordered Horizons and Math U See tonight with 2 day shipping. Should be here Tuesday or so and we will start THAT day. I have until Sept 4th to get Candice in 2nd grade!  Thats just over 6 months. I figure review Kindergarten- skip over what she does know and move quickly through K and then really buckle down on 1st and have it STARTED by no later than June 1st. That shouldnt be an issue. I know its really my fault and who can i blame? We can do it!

and an added bonus, i have a camera now so i can start taking pics of their work!

Now on to the details!!!!
Lessons will be done at the kitchen table where ill have 2 bins with their names on them for their daily work, which ill lay out the day before (i MIGHT get some pocket folders if i can and get 5 of them for each day and stick in there with their books. Then I will have their pencils/crayons/etc in their supply bins. Sadly we dont have all of our supplies since its in storage, but well make due.

No one will get up until their work is done. I will be focusing on independence with candice during this. I will give the basic lesson and she will need to do it on her own from there. I think i have given into her too much on this.

Their things will be color coded. Red for Lana and Yellow for Candice. That way theres no confusion on whose is whose. Even Lance could teach them this way.

Im going to try and make copies of the pages for them that way i can customize it. IE- fewer problems for Lana/harder for candice.