Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Short day 2

Well we had a short day today because we decided to skip MOMSnext and join up the Brownie Scout leader for Homeschool Bowling!

I did Bible with Candice and Math. Lana played while we did lessons.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The FIRST day of a new full year!

Well i dove in. I started the new year instead of waiting. I felt a bit frustrated at first but we will get in the groove and it will be easier. Part of it was because of everyone distracting everyone and then Lana not having something to do.
So what did we do today? Well Everything BUT Health.

First we did Bible. Candice made Josephs Coat.

Then Candice worked on ETC Book 1 (which she breezed through) the 2 pages) and Writing.

That wasnt even the BEST part of today though!! I gave Candice 3 books in her Reading workbox. 2 Bob books or a Reading Rods book- She read the RR book ALL ON HER OWN!

The girls worked on Math

Candice and I then did History and Science. Lana played with the magnets a little and pestered us mostly. :)

Overall? The day went great and we finished everything!

Our Schedule

I hope this is our schedule. Of course things will change as we start to get started (which I am going to go ahead and do now instead of waiting til January).

Everyday will be:
Spelling (waiting on on curric)

Then hopefully.....
3 days a week: Art (waiting on curric)
2 days a week alternating: Music (waiting on curric) and Health.

Im kind of waiting on Art and Music only because i dont know what the curriculum schedule may expect. Im assuming 2-3 days a week.

It sounds like a TON for Candice, but I think we will move farther along in things and it wont be boring. Lana will join us for Bible and Phonics. After that, shell have independent quiet time. I am waiting on some things from Rainbow Resource, but shell have a basket of things to choose from. I am going to pick a few things though each week, not give her the whole basket at once.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


We have a new workbox system!! Here is the old one. I need some sort of organization around here and order to the day. Especially since we will be adding things and have been changing things up. I just need independence from Candice especially! So, tonight I went to Walmart and bought the LAST cart they had! Here is our new set up!

In Order from top to bottom:
Supply Boxes
Lana's Bible Box
Lana's Phonics/Math Box
1) Bible
2) Reading
3) Writing
4) Spelling
5) Math
6) Science
7) History
8) Art
9) Health
10) Music

I folded a piece of cardstock on 1/2 for now and on one side is the pic of the subject and one side says DONE. Ill get velcro circles in the next day or two. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WWYD with $500?

What would you do with $500 from Rainbow Resource? Ill tell you what Im going to do with my $500 scholarship..........I have NO idea!! Im SO confused and I know I need to switch up some things but they dont sell Rod & Staff for example. Any thoughts? Ideas?

IF you need help- go to Rainbowresource.com and go down to the bottom to the Contact part and click on the Hardship. Youll be glad you did!

Well here is what i decided on:
Explode The Code
Beyond The Code
Artistic Pursuit
Astronomy Lab Kit
Rush Hour Jr
Positive Action Bible 2
World/US Map
Reading Guide
Art Supplies for AP
Make Your Own Timeline
Guitar for Young beginners
A Reason For Spelling
Paper Dolls
Felt Dolls
Puppet Tent
Race To The roof
Hidden Picture Books

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where are you?

Lately I have REALLY been working with Candice on reading. I mean so much to the point i want to take away all of her toys as motivation.
She fights me. She fights herself. She gets upset because it takes her a bit to sound out the words. Lately I have had her read and we have been reading together. I just need her to get over this little hump. She CAN do it. I dont know when, but she can.
So what do you do with this kind of child? I dont know. I have no tips or tricks and most people dont either. All I can do is read to her, have her read, and read together. I will read something and she has to read a sentence or page. Shell never learn if she doesnt practice. We need to go to the library and get some more books for HER level though. But Wait! What level is she exactly?

I posted a poll on WTM " What can your average 1st/2nd grader read?" and I FIRST put that candice can read semi simple sentences. She can without help. WITH help on harder words and longer sentences she can read If You Give A Pig A Pancake (grade level 2.8). Now as for a book we have in the house and she can read MOST of it by herself with LITTLE help?

Little Mouse, The Big Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

It has a GL of 1.8. Id say books without ANY help, shes at a 1.0 level. Shes ON par with AGE but behind on grade level. YAYAYAY in my eyes.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Read a bit behind?

I asked on a recent poll on WTM what your AVERAGE 1st/2nd grader can read and MOST said Chapter books! CHAPTER BOOKS?! Jeez. Im missing something major here. :(

Candice can read things like the "Learn To Read" stories on Starfall. Seen Here She has a bit of trouble with some words- The, Says. She can read it all on her own though.

I guess thats good, i mean that is progress but I cant help but feel like shes severely behind?

Monday, October 1, 2012

9 Guitars

I have decided to switch from Recorder to Guitar for music. Although a poster on WTM suggested just singing a few songs and calling it music. Hey, it works.

Today we skipped lessons with Candice and did lessons with Lana. Lana worked on Number 9. She wrote the number " A Circle for a cloud and a line down for the rain". Then she made play doh numbers 1-9 and counted with the counting bears.

We did a train ride last week and it was fun but we werent sitting next to any homeschoolers since we were very VERY late. I wrecked the car on the way- busted the oil pan. I would do it again, the train ride, but i dont know if it was worth the drive and $20.