Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No more scouts and Bible is out!

Well, that Girl Scout troop didnt quite work out for us. I think God had a different plan really. I did drive Candice to camp. On friday like my paper said and no one was there. Lovely huh? There is another troop starting this fall on CHEC and i feel like it will be a better fit. More organized and already they are friendly.
Positive Action Bible. I loved everything about it. I have loved it for 2 years. Now? I hate it and the girls are bored with it. Ok, i dont hate it, but its not what i thought. Its a lot of fill in the blank and coloring. Coloring is never a good thing in this house because then they dont want to do the rest of lessons. Bible is out. We need a new Bible Curriculum. I kind of like but i dont know? HELP!!!!!!

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