Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New idea??

Thank You 1+1+1=1 for your idea of Sensory Bins! I have looked on her site before See Here and she talked about creating these, but i never gave it much thought. Until, Thank You again, you started posting pictures with what was in it and I realized 'I am missing out on something awesome!' so I think we are going to try it!

I made up an April Box tonight! It has the following in it:
  1. Green colored rice
  2. 6 glitter plastic easter eggs (each contains coins/candies)
  3. 1 Cross Cookie Cutter
  4. 1 big duck cookie cutter/1 small duck cookie cutter
  5. Magnetic letters spelling: Easter & Egg
  6. 3 pretend sheep
  7. 1 green playdoh/1 purple playdoh
  8. 1 pretend carrot/1 pretend lettuce leaf
  9. 4 cotton balls
  10. 1 small cup of corn kernals
  11. 1 packet of "spring colored" sprinkles
  12. 1 packet of VeggieTales Easter chocolate coins
  13. 2 feathers
  14. Bunny shaped Marshmellows

 We are still on a long break from homeschooling, but maybe even the sensory bin can be a learning experience without the chaos.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hopeful for Homeschool Convention and Excited for upcoming changes!

I am beyond excited about the upcoming Homeschool Convetion! I just have this vision in my head of booths upon booths of material and I will bring it home and magically know what will work for Candice. It wont happen that way, im sure. Im hopeful though.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Break Time/Goal Time

I have recently decided we are taking a small break from Homeschooling. Not all together, but from the day to day, hard stuff.

Our new goals:
  • Get her to know and write her numbers 1-20
  • Get her to know and write her uppercase letters
  • Get her write her name
If we can accomplish these things by summer, I know we will have accomplished some really big this school year. Even though I had this grand plan in my head, I think this is really the way to go. This will make it easier for next year. I think getting these core things down will help in the long run.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Games & Math

We have been on this board game kick. We have Sorry, Hi Ho Cherry O, CandyLand, Memory, Dominoes, Uno Moo, Go Fish. I think they are a great teaching tool. They teach sharing, taking turns, waiting, rules. Right now I am loving Uno Moo for the kids. I was amzed when they first played how well they did. Understanding the concepts and ideas. We will soon get more games.

Candice has been great at matching and numbers/adding. She can tell you how many of something there is and then if there is a grouping and how to add small numbers.
EX: if you have 4pcs of bread, she will tell you there is 2 and 2, so 4. Then she will tell you if you have 3 to add 1 and make 4.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

She can read.....sort of

Today while laying in bed, candice was looking at a Live Oaks ad and was reading the letters she knew. So she came to 'New! Online Classes' and sounded/said each letter and then said the word. I am amazed at how much she is learning/remembering. Then last night she was asking me about why we blink, why we have tears and sleepies, and why we have gunk in our noses.

Nathan is in public school and I have to say each time I ask him about school, i am more set in my decision to Homeschool. Did you know George Washington and Abe Lincoln were friends? Aside from the fact Washington was our 1st President and Abe our 16th, i dont they knew each other. He did not mention they were presidents or what they did for our country.

On a better note, we got a new laptop, which means I can use it as a teaching tool for Candice and her lessons. Double Score for that.