Saturday, August 24, 2013

I love you UPS man!

As we gear up for the finishing of this year and starting of next year, i went ahead and got another Rainbow Resource Hardship Scholarship. YAY for $500! Seriously, these people are blessings! I got my first order yesterday. Some things were on back order (like our 12x12 scooters, which im SUPER excited about!!! Can we say GYM class?!) but most things came and im excited. I put the things away but i cant help but want to sharpen the pencils and get out the paint!

So what did you order Jennnifer? Well, I'm glad you asked! Here is what the WONDERFUL RR and UPS man are bringing me:
 White Washable Tempera Paint 
 Black Washable Tempera Paint 
Beyond the Code Book 1 
 Triangle Handle Acrylic Paint Brushes set/6 
Beg Arithmetic Revision Grade 1 Wrkbk Part 1 
 Beg Arithmetic Revision Grade 1 Wrkbk Part 2 
Enjoying God’s Gifts - 1st Grade Stdt Manual 
Just Thinking and Choosing Workbook 
No-Spill Paint Cup with Lid 
 Primary Writing Paper (All Lined, Lt. Blue) 
 Intermediate Writing Paper (all lined,lt.grn) 
 Sidewalk Chalk - 60 pieces 
 Slate Chalkboard 
 Dustless Colored Chalk - 12 Count 
Dustless White Chalk - 12 Count 
 Black Lead Refill 
 Paper Mate TuffStuff Jumbo Ersrs Mech Pncl/2 
 Paper Mate Infinite Lead Mech. Pencil 0.5mm 
 Dust Muncher Chalkbrd Eraser & Screen Cleaner 
 Yellow Washable Tempera Paint 
Red Washable Tempera Paint 
 Blue Washable Tempera Paint 
 Green Washable Tempera Paint 
 Construction Paper Pad 9" x 9" (40 Sheets) 
 Scotch Magic Tape 3/4"x1000" 2 Refill Rolls 
Block Printing Ink set of 6 
Brayer 2" 
 Prang 8-Pan Watercolor Set 
Scooter Link(connects one scooter to another) 
Hexagram Metric Weights - set of 54 
Elmer’s Glue-All 1 1/2 oz. Bottle 
 Foam Printing Plates 9" x 12" pkg 12 
 Reason for Handwriting C Student Workbook 
 Sketch Pad (9" x 12") 
 Elmer’s Dispprng Purple Glue Stck 2cnt .21oz 
 Math 2 Home Study Kit - Qty:1 
 8’ Jump Rope - Confetti Black 
 X-ACTO Mini Buzz Battery Pencil Sharpenr-Asst 
 ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Bk2 3E 
 Scotch® Single Roll Tape Dispenser - Black 
All-Purpose Spackling Paste - 8 oz. 
 Plastic Putty Knife - 2" wide 
 Math Journal 
Prang Fine Line Washable Markers-36 Color Set 
ESV Scripture Planner Middle School 8/13-6/14 
 Reading Helper Blue Wide 
Reading Helper Pink Standard 
Reading Helper Purple Standard 
12" Scooter with Round Handle(Assorted Color) 
Fine Point Expo Low Odor Markers card of 8 
 Flat Stack Stapler Assorted 
 Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal 
 Adventure Bible for Young Readers Rev Ed (sc) 
 Watercolor & Marker Pad 
 Toobaloo - Green/Blue 
 Toobaloo - Purple/Red 
Moo Pro Eraser - Large 
 ArtEmboss Tool Set 3-Piece Wooden Stylus Tool 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Not Back To School Blog Hop (Student Photo)

Here are the proud Poynter-Alexanders :-)

 Nathaniel (3rd grade)

 Candice (2/3rd grade)

Lana (2nd year K/1st grade)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Back To School blog Hop (School Room)

Not much has changed since last year really. We still school at the kitchen table. The supplies have shifted from the wardrobe to the china cabinet though. To give you an idea the china cabinet holds: basic supplies, paper, math manipulatives, extra curriculum, used curriculum. Its pretty stuffed! We still also use the workboxes! They were such a HUGE HUGE HUGE hit! I need to get another set for Lana this year! Hopefully I can find them. Not really sure where Ill put them though?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not Back To School Blog Hop (Curriculum)

Well its time for the Not Back To School Blog Hop! Its Curriculum this week so lets get started!

Candice: (2/3rd grades)
Bible: Positive Action Bible 2
Math: Saxon 2
Reading: Beyond The Code 1-4
Writing: A Reason For Handwriting C
Spelling: A Reason For Spelling B
Art: Artistic Pursuits 2
Science: Apologia Astronomy
History: Story Of The World 1
Music: Guitar

Lana: (K/1st grade)
Bible: Positive Action Bible 1
Math: Rod And Staff 1
Reading/Phonics: Rod And Staff 1
Writing: Rod And Staff 1
Science: with Candice
History: with Candice
Art: with Candice

 Everything is pretty set and Im over all happy. The only thing we are completely changing is Reading for Candice (from ETC) and Writing (from AOP Horizons Penmanship 2).