Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Things Are Happening!

Amazing things. So far Lana has known everything in her Rod & Staff book. All the colors and shapes, even "Are they Alike?". AMAZING!!! I love that its so simple. I know some dont like it because its cut and dry, but it works for us and I dont regret it!
Candice is doing better. She wrote her spelling words today and tomorrow is some more review with her test Monday. Phonics is going GREAT! She is amazing me at how she can sound out the words and knows most of the rules for vowels, phonics, etc. Today we worked on Bl, Br and Vowel Pairs. Then in Bible we talked about Adam and Eve and I had her draw a picture of our family.

Our read aloud is going great too. Candice LOVES it. She cant wait however to get her next book, which is a horse book. A nice lady on Well Trained Mind sent us a big box of books and Candice was THRILLED!

I did separate the girls today and it worked out much better. No talking, etc. Candice did help Lana with one of her coloring pages, but that was it. Everyone got their work done and everyone was happy. :)


Bright Sky Mom said...

Glad things are going so well! I used the R&S workbooks for my now 7yo ds -- I thought they were a fine introduction to "school" for him. :)

Hen Jen said...

sounds like homeschool is going great!

I have a couple of horse lovers at my house :)