Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beg me to color please!

Lana is having issues. I guess i knew it would happen. She skips ahead without finishing the page shes on, which is just Im thinking boredom and excitement. Then she is refusing to color unless its in marker, which some things i prefer crayon. In R&S today she had to color Left to Right and struggled a bit, but got it. Then she had to color, cut and play with baby animals and their moms, but wouldnt color. She says " I dont like coloring, its too bumpy". I cant change the table. Ha.

Candice did 2 writing worksheets and did well. Then in Phonics we worked on Vowel Digraphs and she had a bit of trouble, but understood overall. All these rules are confusing, even to me!! In Spelling she had a pre-test and did pretty bad, she got a 17%.

Candice has a Science Fair coming up May 30th and we need to start thinking about a project she can do. Im thinking something with Astronomy since shell be doing that this fall. Ideas? Thoughts? Pins on Pinterest you like?????

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Bright Sky Mom said...

There is always the tasty oreo cookie phases of the moon! Fun but not really scientific. Maybe something that shows WHY we always see the same face of the moon. I never seem to remember why that is. :)