Who we are

I thought Id share how we got our mission statement and how we decided to homeschool.

We decided to homeschool because Lance and I sat down and discussed our own educations. How we felt the schools did and how we felt the schools would do for our children. We also looked at the money aspect and our stability. How could we put Candice into a school when we hardly had money to pay bills or we'd end up moving due to job loss. That was not fair to her and then Lana when she started school. I never realized how expensive school was until i got older. School lunches, Clothes, Supplies, Fees, Misc. It adds up. No you dont pay it all up front with one lump sum, but sometimes the wallet is empty at the time when you need something to be paid. We can't re-evaluate our budget, there really isnt a space to fit in schooling because every penny is already smooshed and stretched. The biggest factor though was stability. Candice has always had issues with sudden change. She just doesnt handle it well. I am still hearing about a Sunday School teacher from last year. She just doesnt do well. She needs to be in a good spot. I dont feel selfish for admitting I cant afford to send my kids to public school nor that we move around way too much, way more than a military family. I do feel selfish for even considering putting my children into a public school when I know it wouldnt be good for them. That is selfish. The rest of the issues with the local school districts come last in our eyes. maybe the local school can teach Candice math way better than I ever thought, but is it worth it? Not right now. Maybe when she gets older. Maybe in a couple years, but I am a firm believer in our children making those decisions. If we give Candice the options: Homeschool vs Public School, unbiased... it should be her choice. Not because we want to put such a burden on her, but because she has to be happy too. Our families think we are crazy but they aren't living our lives. They don't know. I was terrified to even begin this journey, but I jumped in. Maybe too quickly as I found out quickly after, but I took the plunge and Lance went right along for the ride. We still had little to no money and no plan. We started with workbooks from Walmart and the dollar store, then moved onto books from the Goodwill, and now free resources online. There have been little supplies and things we needed and thank God for the dollar store! There are plenty of things we still need, but they have to wait for tax returns. This is the right choice for us, for candice. Some days are hard. Some days are easy..... but its worth it. Some days I look at this blog and I can almost cry at knowing "candice IS learning and I am teaching her". That is a gift many parents never get to have. Its a shame and I wish all parents could feel it. Going to help in your childs class or helping with a project is not the same as literally teaching a new concept to your child. That is something no man can take away or change. 

The Mission Statement came because someone recommended we have one, so we know what we stand for. What we believe. Taking what i wrote above I came up with the basic:

Build A Solid Foundation

we want to give our children a good solid foundation for their lives and education. With a good foundation, they will grow and become good people, without it, they will crumble. 

The rest:
I will teach them to build a solid foundation. If it crumbles, I will teach them to rebuild it stronger.
A Solid Foundation begins with one stone at a time. One pebble can turn into a great base.
It only takes time to build.

came because it is not enough to teach them how to become better people in their lives and education. I have to teach them if something goes wrong, they have to know to pick up the pieces and try again. That its OK to do that. Life is hard at times and you have to start small (thus the one stone at a time) but dream big. It just takes time to get to that big dream. 

The life of Nathaniel, Candice, and Lana. Who are getting their pebbles one day at a time from their mother. I have great dreams for them. They will be great people and it will be because of their foundation.