Sunday, January 8, 2012

slowly mrs turtle

Candice is slowly but surely getting there. She can now read simple sentences and can answer most things without trouble. Today we went to Lance's Great Grandma's memorial in Indiana and guess what that meant? Lessons! They played on their VSmile Pocket and Leapster (Elmo/music and Letter Factory). Then when i made Lance stop at a rest stop of course we had to get a map and look at where we were!
We celebrated Hanukkah and it went very well! The girls LOVED their gifts and the crafts we did each night. Nathan liked his Christmas gifts. The train is a HUGE hit here!
Play Doh. Oh the world of Play Doh. I can see how many parents dont want to give it, but its also a neat experience to see what they do without direction. Oh how these "un-socialized, weird, non-creative kids" make it work, ill never know. (insert rolled eyes). The girls make cakes, pizza, cookies, people and have FUN! The dogs have fun eating it (yuck!) and i have not so much fun cleaning it up.
Also at yet another Goodwill adventure, i found another beanbag chair!!!
Now for the less exciting things. I realize Homeschooling is a rarity, trust me its true. Well I can hear the walls that talk and my neighbors to boot. I heard my neighbors (in the crazy building i live in) say theres no way we homeschool year round and that we have to be breaking a law by not telling anyone and our kids are not disciplined and in no way as smart as we make them out to be....well i can assure you I have done the law searching for homeschooling in Ohio (thanks HSLDA) and Candice is really 5 and has been testing (using online tests) in the 1st grade level.

Theres also talk of us getting a house, which of course will HAVE to have a room for school! A big, huge, room for school.