Monday, April 30, 2012

The differences between them

Candice will do anything to get something done. She will cut corners to get it finished and make up ten thousand excuses. She speeds through anything she can.
Lana is a perfectionist. She takes her dear sweet turtle time. She will take the extra time for something to look right to HER. She will not move on until shes done.
I say this as Candice has already finished 1.5 Phonics worksheets of SH, Y, ABLE, and EN. While Lana is STILL coloring page 1 in her Phonics.
Candice's "laziness" drives me crazy because she doesnt always pay attention. Lana's "Perfection" drives me crazy because I feel like she moves too slow at times and misses out.

Oh the JOYS of Homeschooling!

In recent news, I made a bumper sticker. It says " We Homeschool.... ....Because The Public Schools Suck." I LOVE IT!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Such a big girl!

Candice lately has a hankering for freedom in all areas of her life and at first Im thinking " no way!", but then i realize she CAN actually do what she says shes going to do. She can help Lana without fighting, she can wash dishes if given the chance, she can do school without fits. Im glad. I see her growing up and some days its hard to notice these things, but I am proud. I think of when we started Homeschooling and how she just thought it was all fun all the time and now there are many good days and many " I dont want to do XYZ, its not fun!" to which I say " how do you know its not fun, we havent done it yet?".

Now Lana, she is a turtle. She will hide away AMAZING abilities and slowly sneak them out on you. Its crazy! I knew she could count, but she knows her colors, her shapes, counting, matching, patterns. Who would of guessed? She also has quite a sense of humor when she wants to. She is excited about the school year because it involves cutting and pasting, which I am yet to let her do, but somehow its exciting to her.

This year is going slowly and we are not finished, we started a new week. I still hope we can catch up, but really, why do we HAVE to? Who says you have to be done by a certain time? Im proud of the things we have done this year.

Candice went to Scouts on Monday and they have a Scouts camp (day time only) the week before Homeschool Camp (ill add the ticker this week), so it will be nice for that one on one time with Lana. She hasnt had it in a long time. Then Lana went to MOPS on Wednesday and she ALWAYS has a blast! Today the Cincinnati Zoo was free after 5pm, so we went. "Ellie" saw his mommy and daddy. " Pole Pole" saw her mommy and daddy. AKA: Ellie is Lanas Elephant and Pole Pole is Candices Polar Bear in a Bathing Suit. Yes, she did say " mommy, they arent wearing swim suits". ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Read Alouds!

I have started Read Alouds with Candice. Its where you read a chapter book to your child each night. Usually a chapter a day. Its suppose to enhance their love of reading. I guess its a Classical Education thing because I read it on The Well Trained Mind Forum. I have started it with Candice and she likes it. We are reading:

Ivy + Bean Book 1

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Convention Update

Well we were able to get everything we need! We came out just as budget and im EXCITED!!! Ill post my review when i can wrap my head around everything and get some sleep. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Midwest Homeschool Convention REVIEW

Well here it is. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I wasnt super impressed. Attendance was down, parking was awful! I didnt feel like it was as "come look at my booth!!!!!" like last year. I didnt attend sessions because the timing for them was AWFUL! Last year they had multiple times for speakers, but not this year. I was however, able to get everything we need. Which made me feel better. We stayed within budget. We planned for about $160 and we stayed within that. Positive Action Bible, by the way, doesnt actually have any books there- they have to order them. I thought that was weird. I do have to wait on a balance and planner from Rainbow Resource, no biggie there. We are set though. I did check out Honey Tree as suggested by CHEC College Hill and I found Homeschool Report Cards!! I bought 4. I sent one to my mom. hehe. Then later Friday night I met with some women from The Well Trained Mind and we ate at the most expensive place in Cincinnati, ok, one of the most expensive- Mccormick and Schmick's. I had Chocolate cake and Sangria, $20!! Oy! So will I go next year? I dont know. It matters on who will be there and how badly I need curriculum right then.

Final Thoughts:
It was NOT as good as last year. I didnt even want to really walk around and look (even though i did end up going back to try and do just that!) and I wasnt impressed about the speaker timing.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Convention is TOMORROW!

Im so excited I may not sleep! Seriously, its about as exciting as last year with the Duggars! I have a list of places we need to go and prices (its cheaper than i thought it was going to be!), Lance printed our Parking Voucher, and now I just need to get a good sleep and pack us a lunch of some sort! We will drop the girls off at Nana's house about 12 and be downtown about 1 and stay until 4ish. Since we are just picking up things tomorrow, it should take long. Ill be meeting some moms from Friday night and then Saturday Ill be going back to the convention just to browse around if Lance and I havent looked at things we wanted to.
My issue is going to be waiting until September to start all our new stuff! Ill want to start it all ASAP!
We have been slow as snails with lessons with Candice. We are just doing Phonics right now and im not really in the groove. I dont know why. She catching on, we just havent been doing it as often.
I am waiting on my other curriculum to come in, Saxon and Apologia. I also found "Everything You Need To Know About ______" books, which they dont make anymore and I need to send my money for those. They arent curriculum, but they will be for reference.

Look for my Midwest Homeschool Convention REVIEW! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nana and Jesus

Today we went to my moms house and Candice did lessons with Nana. Phonics, no spelling or writing. We didnt do a formal spelling test last week but on her pretest she got a 10/12 and im happy with that.

Then Candice asked " When Jesus went to heaven, what did they do with his cross?"
wow! I dont know. Neither did my mom, dad or Lance. we assume they left it there, but who actually knows?

Then the only negative nelly thing my mom had to say was that i should look into getting a Homeschool tutor so that person can teach the girls when i dont know what or how to teach them. Sad to say, they dont have tutors for that- its called Mom and Dad :)

CONVENTION THIS FRIDAY!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Its Decided!

Next years curriculum- i have settled!

Horizons 2 $112
Saxon 1 (already bought)
Apologia Astronomy (already bought)
Story Of The World vol 1 (already bought)
A Reason For Handwriting Lvl T (if Horizons Penmanship doesnt look fulfilling) $20
Positive Action Bible 1/2 $30
COST TOTAL: $160 (w/o ARFH)

Rod & Staff ABC $20
Positive Action Bible K $15
Horizons K (already bought)

I feel good about it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maybe It'll work out?

Today we worked on some more phonics rules- S, ED, ING and then we did a spelling pre-test- candice got a 10/12!!! YAHOOO! Shes doing great!! She messed up a bit on City and They, but thats still really good!!! Then we came back to Math, despite me saying I wouldnt pick it back up. Maybe its not switching that i need to do right now? I dont know. I think well wing it and see what we find at the Convention. Ill look at Saxon and RightStart Math. Im SOOOO excited about the convention though! I CANT WAIT!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Math Monster, you can go away!

We are stopping Math. I will no longer be using Math U See. I will switch to Saxon. A friend on The Homeschool Lounge recommended it and i trust her and so did a lady last night. I think im going to switch to it. Before i sign a check over though, i am suppose to pick up the teachers manual tomorrow, so ill really be able to see what we can do. Im selling my MUS, so if you need Primer or Alpha, let me know!! I also have Horizons Teachers Manuals, Science K from Abeka and even Horizons 1 Penmanship.

Lessons today we more adding S to words, Spelling Words and then Zoodles. Easy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Skating and Chec-ing

Friday the girls and I went to the Homeschool Skate. It was in Colerain, so a new skating place. I liked it though and Candice went out all on her own!! YAHOO!!!

Monday, we touched on Phonics with adding S and then math was skip counting by 2, which didnt go over well because she will count to 20, but not skip count. I knew going into it, it would be an issue though. We'll have to just keep trying. Then we had Scouts, which Candice LOVES going to.

Today, we didnt do school again. I know, I know, we need to get on it!! I did go to a CHEC meeting in College Hill and looked at some different curriculum- well options really.

Saxon Math- Hands on, lots of review, very thorough and spiral. (Should we switch from MUS to this?)
MOH- I think well stick with SOTW, MOH is nice but after looking at it, i dont think it will work.
Answers in Gen- A basic Science curriculum, similar to Apologia. I thought it was nice, but im leaning more towards Apologia.
A Reason for Handwriting- Apparently its very similar to Horizons and thats not what im looking for.
All About Spelling- I like it but it focuses on word families and i dont want to teach that way.
Everything You Need To Know About....- They arent making it anymore, but if i found it, it looks like good "extras"
Progeny Press- Again good "extras"
Honey Tree- Good "extras"
Millers Paper Press Co- CHEAP resources.
The Homeschool Planner- Looks like a good planner for the girls.

Also, I learned I can test with California (CAT) at home and Stanford with classical conversations (CHEC). Test at AGE level, not GRADE level. White Out/Cover everything on results BUT name/Overall score and send in to School District.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Candices Answers to Homeschooling

Whats your favorite thing about mommy being your teacher?
- I love you being my teacher, i just wish youd make school more fun.

Whats your favorite thing to learn about?
- well...bones

What do you not want to learn about?
- I dont want to learn counting. Counting isnt very fun

What do you wish we did more?
- Learn about how bones move and colors and how teeth work

Where is your favorite place we have done school?
- The Zoo

What is your favorite board game?
- Sorry

Do you like that Lana learns with you?
- Yeah but I wish i could do lessons faster than her, but I cant.

What do you think of your morning message?
- I like it

Whats your favorite thing to write with?
- Markers

Smelly Ones or Regular?
- Smelly Ones

Anything Else?
- no.

That is Homeschooling according to Candice. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sickies and review

The girls were sick yesterday so we didnt do lessons. Today we did Zoodles and then did some review. We went over Compound words, Skip Counting, Spelling Words, and just cuddles on the couch.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Amazement and Lana's Curriculum

The girls were sick today, not fun. Candice did her lessons though. We finished Addition with Math and started on Adding (S) for Plurals in Phonics. She is finished with this weeks Writing and still is behind on Spelling. Overall she did GREAT!

As for Lana. I am leaning towards Rod & Staff or something very identical. I think it is very visual/hands on and so basic, it will be the foundation she needs to get her ready for Horizons K in January. I just feel like she needs this boost.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Story Of The World

Today from a CHEC member, I picked up Candice's History Curriculum for next year- Story Of The World Vol1: Ancient Times. $30. GREAT DEAL. I love it so far!! I need to find out if I need the tests book and the student pages, but i dont think I actually do.