Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Camp + Others

Well, it was ok. If you count getting a phone call at 11:30PM because Candice wont go to sleep ok, then yes it was ok. I dropped her off on the 23rd and she actually didnt fight me on that. I was glad. I didnt pack her Melatonin because I didnt think shed need it. I was wrong. I thought shed be so tired she wouldnt need it. Apparently she had some listening problems, but did over all well. The nurse and counselor called me to ask if they could give her Benadryl because she wouldnt go to sleep. In the end they didnt have to give it to her. The next day and last day went better apparently. She says they got in boats, played in the jumpy house, made light, stood in the water. I think she had a good time and we will try it again next year, if they want us back. lol.

In other news...we are not going to do the Science Fair. There is so much else going on right now with trying to move and everything. We are going to try the new CHEC group and go to their Field Day this week. I hope its a good fit for us!

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