Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Skating and Chec-ing

Friday the girls and I went to the Homeschool Skate. It was in Colerain, so a new skating place. I liked it though and Candice went out all on her own!! YAHOO!!!

Monday, we touched on Phonics with adding S and then math was skip counting by 2, which didnt go over well because she will count to 20, but not skip count. I knew going into it, it would be an issue though. We'll have to just keep trying. Then we had Scouts, which Candice LOVES going to.

Today, we didnt do school again. I know, I know, we need to get on it!! I did go to a CHEC meeting in College Hill and looked at some different curriculum- well options really.

Saxon Math- Hands on, lots of review, very thorough and spiral. (Should we switch from MUS to this?)
MOH- I think well stick with SOTW, MOH is nice but after looking at it, i dont think it will work.
Answers in Gen- A basic Science curriculum, similar to Apologia. I thought it was nice, but im leaning more towards Apologia.
A Reason for Handwriting- Apparently its very similar to Horizons and thats not what im looking for.
All About Spelling- I like it but it focuses on word families and i dont want to teach that way.
Everything You Need To Know About....- They arent making it anymore, but if i found it, it looks like good "extras"
Progeny Press- Again good "extras"
Honey Tree- Good "extras"
Millers Paper Press Co- CHEAP resources.
The Homeschool Planner- Looks like a good planner for the girls.

Also, I learned I can test with California (CAT) at home and Stanford with classical conversations (CHEC). Test at AGE level, not GRADE level. White Out/Cover everything on results BUT name/Overall score and send in to School District.

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