Thursday, April 19, 2012

Convention is TOMORROW!

Im so excited I may not sleep! Seriously, its about as exciting as last year with the Duggars! I have a list of places we need to go and prices (its cheaper than i thought it was going to be!), Lance printed our Parking Voucher, and now I just need to get a good sleep and pack us a lunch of some sort! We will drop the girls off at Nana's house about 12 and be downtown about 1 and stay until 4ish. Since we are just picking up things tomorrow, it should take long. Ill be meeting some moms from Friday night and then Saturday Ill be going back to the convention just to browse around if Lance and I havent looked at things we wanted to.
My issue is going to be waiting until September to start all our new stuff! Ill want to start it all ASAP!
We have been slow as snails with lessons with Candice. We are just doing Phonics right now and im not really in the groove. I dont know why. She catching on, we just havent been doing it as often.
I am waiting on my other curriculum to come in, Saxon and Apologia. I also found "Everything You Need To Know About ______" books, which they dont make anymore and I need to send my money for those. They arent curriculum, but they will be for reference.

Look for my Midwest Homeschool Convention REVIEW! 

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