Thursday, April 5, 2012

Candices Answers to Homeschooling

Whats your favorite thing about mommy being your teacher?
- I love you being my teacher, i just wish youd make school more fun.

Whats your favorite thing to learn about?
- well...bones

What do you not want to learn about?
- I dont want to learn counting. Counting isnt very fun

What do you wish we did more?
- Learn about how bones move and colors and how teeth work

Where is your favorite place we have done school?
- The Zoo

What is your favorite board game?
- Sorry

Do you like that Lana learns with you?
- Yeah but I wish i could do lessons faster than her, but I cant.

What do you think of your morning message?
- I like it

Whats your favorite thing to write with?
- Markers

Smelly Ones or Regular?
- Smelly Ones

Anything Else?
- no.

That is Homeschooling according to Candice. 

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mommy said...

Dear Candace,

My 4 year old son Levi does not like counting either. Hang in there! But we love the idea of writing with smelly markers. We may have to try that!