Monday, April 30, 2012

The differences between them

Candice will do anything to get something done. She will cut corners to get it finished and make up ten thousand excuses. She speeds through anything she can.
Lana is a perfectionist. She takes her dear sweet turtle time. She will take the extra time for something to look right to HER. She will not move on until shes done.
I say this as Candice has already finished 1.5 Phonics worksheets of SH, Y, ABLE, and EN. While Lana is STILL coloring page 1 in her Phonics.
Candice's "laziness" drives me crazy because she doesnt always pay attention. Lana's "Perfection" drives me crazy because I feel like she moves too slow at times and misses out.

Oh the JOYS of Homeschooling!

In recent news, I made a bumper sticker. It says " We Homeschool.... ....Because The Public Schools Suck." I LOVE IT!

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