Thursday, April 26, 2012

Such a big girl!

Candice lately has a hankering for freedom in all areas of her life and at first Im thinking " no way!", but then i realize she CAN actually do what she says shes going to do. She can help Lana without fighting, she can wash dishes if given the chance, she can do school without fits. Im glad. I see her growing up and some days its hard to notice these things, but I am proud. I think of when we started Homeschooling and how she just thought it was all fun all the time and now there are many good days and many " I dont want to do XYZ, its not fun!" to which I say " how do you know its not fun, we havent done it yet?".

Now Lana, she is a turtle. She will hide away AMAZING abilities and slowly sneak them out on you. Its crazy! I knew she could count, but she knows her colors, her shapes, counting, matching, patterns. Who would of guessed? She also has quite a sense of humor when she wants to. She is excited about the school year because it involves cutting and pasting, which I am yet to let her do, but somehow its exciting to her.

This year is going slowly and we are not finished, we started a new week. I still hope we can catch up, but really, why do we HAVE to? Who says you have to be done by a certain time? Im proud of the things we have done this year.

Candice went to Scouts on Monday and they have a Scouts camp (day time only) the week before Homeschool Camp (ill add the ticker this week), so it will be nice for that one on one time with Lana. She hasnt had it in a long time. Then Lana went to MOPS on Wednesday and she ALWAYS has a blast! Today the Cincinnati Zoo was free after 5pm, so we went. "Ellie" saw his mommy and daddy. " Pole Pole" saw her mommy and daddy. AKA: Ellie is Lanas Elephant and Pole Pole is Candices Polar Bear in a Bathing Suit. Yes, she did say " mommy, they arent wearing swim suits". ;)

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