Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Convention is coming up!

Its time to start thinking about what we'll look at and buy at the Convention. Usually its cheaper to buy it at the convention (for one, they have discounts and two- NO SHIPPING!).

I know we will need to buy:
Apologia Science
Positive Action Bible Curriculum

Id like to buy:
MUS Beta
Horizons 2nd grade phonics/writing/spelling

We NEED to find:
History curriculum of some kind.
Possibly another Writing curriculum.

Of course there are things id like to look at more in depth since we didnt get the chance to last year- Heart Of Dakota, Saxon to name two. Im trying to get Lance to request off rather than waiting until the last day, like we did last year. Id also like to go early this time. LUCKILY, by the grace of God, Lance has a job this year so we'll have money to buy things. Last year we werent so lucky.

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