Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

The last week has been pretty good. We did a lot of field trips and different things. Lessons have been 10x better since dropping Lana. She just isnt ready and thats ok.

Candice took her 1st Phonics test and got a 76%!!

We are stuck on Counting to 20. For some reason she can't seem to click with this. Im not sure what we'll do.

We have been skipping writing, as Im just not thrilled with it, but we have been writing and reviewing the Bible verse every day in her Calender Notebook.

Its been slow, Candice is fighting me on it and she "pretends" she cant spell the words, but I know she can.

We went to the Zoo, Started Girl Scouts and went to a CHEC Skate Party!

Over all, im pleased and at peace with this week compared to last week. We just need to work on Math and ill feel a lot better!

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mommy said...

Try dot to dots. Has worked well for both of my boys, and works both counting and number recognition at the same time. Try printing a number chart and having her count covering up each number with a treat (cheerios).