Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100% and not a bit less!

Candice got 100% on her Spelling pre-test. 100% 
Im very proud of her!!

Math is still a struggle and i just dont know what to do. Everyone keeps telling me- have her count objects, but she still doesnt get it. We are on Lesson 14 of MUS and we cant really move on like i thought because lesson 17 is Skip Counting. Phonics is tugging along, but she doesnt seem to understand when to Capitalize and when to use (.)/(!)/(?). Ive tried giving examples and most of the time she gets it right, but when i ask her to do it on her own she cant. Im wondering if maybe just practicing it in her Writing lesson might be better. Writing is good, writing the bible verse and i got her a new journal to do it in tonight. 
I also signed up for Reading Eggs, im hoping that helps Candice too. Click N Spell is ok, but i dont think its what we are looking for. 
AND....Candice told us 2 bedtime stories tonight- The 3 bears and The 3 little pigs. She told them 100% correctly too! 

Tomorrow we are going to my moms and i already told Candice, she will be doing lessons at Nanas house. 

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