Friday, March 9, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure!

Today was the local Homeschool Group's Skating party. It was a BLAST! I wasnt sure about Lana going because she can be picky about some things. Candice, i figured she'd be fine. This is the first time the girls have gone Skating and my first time since Middle School! At first the girls went around the carpeted area and they held on to me and the wall as if they were dying. I fell and so did they so many times our butts hurt! Then by the time it was almost time to leave, the girls decided to be brave and get on the rink...... Candice actually did GREAT! Lana held my hand and the wall. I think we'll do it again! Pretty good time around other weird, crazy, unsocialized homeschoolers (ha.ha).

The girls when we got there
I might go out there? I dont think so!

On the carpet

On the Rink!

Before Skating though I wanted to get review in with their Calender Notebooks. Thanks!!! She uses them with her kids and i adapted hers for my kids. Lana's has 123's, Abc's and 1 daily drawing page. Candice's has: Calender, Weather, daily drawing, Daily Math, Phonics Rule, Spelling words, Working Words, and Bible Verse.



Also, Thanks to CHEC, my local Homeschool Group, they along with a local Camp, host a Homeschool Summer Camp! (IE: The ticker above) I signed Candice up!! It will be May 23-25 overnight and I bet she'll have SO much fun!

Then Girl Scouts are Monday!!! Im excited for Candice. I feel it will really be a positive thing to do for her self esteem (not that she lacks, improving is all i mean) and ability to love others.
I feel like ever since Candice hit 1st grade, all of these opportunities have opened up and i LOVE it!
Thanks AGAIN to, I am now taking her Morning Message idea too. (what can i say? shes FULL of ideas!!!!!). I will do mine in a similar way. I think this will help Candice has a better attitude.
I wanted to share this idea I created!!!

** Does your child have issues with spacing letters or words? Fingers get in the way, so wht not use a Tongue Depressor?!! Perfect SIZE!

I feel BEYOND blessed lately. 

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