Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where are you?

Lately I have REALLY been working with Candice on reading. I mean so much to the point i want to take away all of her toys as motivation.
She fights me. She fights herself. She gets upset because it takes her a bit to sound out the words. Lately I have had her read and we have been reading together. I just need her to get over this little hump. She CAN do it. I dont know when, but she can.
So what do you do with this kind of child? I dont know. I have no tips or tricks and most people dont either. All I can do is read to her, have her read, and read together. I will read something and she has to read a sentence or page. Shell never learn if she doesnt practice. We need to go to the library and get some more books for HER level though. But Wait! What level is she exactly?

I posted a poll on WTM " What can your average 1st/2nd grader read?" and I FIRST put that candice can read semi simple sentences. She can without help. WITH help on harder words and longer sentences she can read If You Give A Pig A Pancake (grade level 2.8). Now as for a book we have in the house and she can read MOST of it by herself with LITTLE help?

Little Mouse, The Big Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

It has a GL of 1.8. Id say books without ANY help, shes at a 1.0 level. Shes ON par with AGE but behind on grade level. YAYAYAY in my eyes.

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