Monday, October 15, 2012

The FIRST day of a new full year!

Well i dove in. I started the new year instead of waiting. I felt a bit frustrated at first but we will get in the groove and it will be easier. Part of it was because of everyone distracting everyone and then Lana not having something to do.
So what did we do today? Well Everything BUT Health.

First we did Bible. Candice made Josephs Coat.

Then Candice worked on ETC Book 1 (which she breezed through) the 2 pages) and Writing.

That wasnt even the BEST part of today though!! I gave Candice 3 books in her Reading workbox. 2 Bob books or a Reading Rods book- She read the RR book ALL ON HER OWN!

The girls worked on Math

Candice and I then did History and Science. Lana played with the magnets a little and pestered us mostly. :)

Overall? The day went great and we finished everything!

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