Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Schedule

I hope this is our schedule. Of course things will change as we start to get started (which I am going to go ahead and do now instead of waiting til January).

Everyday will be:
Spelling (waiting on on curric)

Then hopefully.....
3 days a week: Art (waiting on curric)
2 days a week alternating: Music (waiting on curric) and Health.

Im kind of waiting on Art and Music only because i dont know what the curriculum schedule may expect. Im assuming 2-3 days a week.

It sounds like a TON for Candice, but I think we will move farther along in things and it wont be boring. Lana will join us for Bible and Phonics. After that, shell have independent quiet time. I am waiting on some things from Rainbow Resource, but shell have a basket of things to choose from. I am going to pick a few things though each week, not give her the whole basket at once.

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