Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Set up & Schedule

Here is our set up at the dining room table. Oh how i miss my School Room :(

How we have the set up at the table. Lana on Left and Candice on Right

Candice's Station. (we dont really use the red trays anymore, but they hold extra supplies)

Lana's Station. (dont use red trays- see above)

Sorry its sideways, this is where we hold the curriculum. The bin holds my teacher books and red trays hold extra supplies

Candice and Lana do Phonics & Math together, then break.
Candice & Lana do Writing together, then Lana is Finished!
Candice does Spelling on her own, then she's Finished!
Then its Homework time for Candice with daddy and Review of the day for Lana!

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