Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Lana worked on letters A and B. She seems to be having trouble with letter B. Im not sure if thats a fine motor skill issue or not. We will continue to work on it. 
Candice worked on Vowels. Short and Long Vowels. She is really catching on to the concept and seems to have no issues.

Lana had to be ordered new Math curriculum after Math U See did not work for her. So she skipped math this week. 
Candice worked on Place Value. Ones House and Tens House. She knew Ones, but had trouble with Tens. She seems to understand it better now after a ton of review, which is good because next is Hundreds House and she has to know Tens before we move on. Ill keep reviewing until she gets it and im confident she knows it. 

Lana didnt do writing this week, i think she needs a bit of review though. How the lines and letters are formed, etc.
Candice worked on formation of letters As, Os, etc. I really think shell breeze through this book, so we are taking it slow...just as a filler mostly.

Candice fought me so hard on this and im surprised! I thought shed LOVE spelling. Not so much. She got a 50% on her Spelling pre-test. Im not sure if maybe she needs major review or she knows it but its not fun to her? 

Lana Writing A's

Candice doing Writing

Lana's Bs

Candice's Math- 6's

Candice's Spelling

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