Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Games & Math

We have been on this board game kick. We have Sorry, Hi Ho Cherry O, CandyLand, Memory, Dominoes, Uno Moo, Go Fish. I think they are a great teaching tool. They teach sharing, taking turns, waiting, rules. Right now I am loving Uno Moo for the kids. I was amzed when they first played how well they did. Understanding the concepts and ideas. We will soon get more games.

Candice has been great at matching and numbers/adding. She can tell you how many of something there is and then if there is a grouping and how to add small numbers.
EX: if you have 4pcs of bread, she will tell you there is 2 and 2, so 4. Then she will tell you if you have 3 to add 1 and make 4.

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