Thursday, March 3, 2011

She can read.....sort of

Today while laying in bed, candice was looking at a Live Oaks ad and was reading the letters she knew. So she came to 'New! Online Classes' and sounded/said each letter and then said the word. I am amazed at how much she is learning/remembering. Then last night she was asking me about why we blink, why we have tears and sleepies, and why we have gunk in our noses.

Nathan is in public school and I have to say each time I ask him about school, i am more set in my decision to Homeschool. Did you know George Washington and Abe Lincoln were friends? Aside from the fact Washington was our 1st President and Abe our 16th, i dont they knew each other. He did not mention they were presidents or what they did for our country.

On a better note, we got a new laptop, which means I can use it as a teaching tool for Candice and her lessons. Double Score for that.

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