Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New idea??

Thank You 1+1+1=1 for your idea of Sensory Bins! I have looked on her site before See Here and she talked about creating these, but i never gave it much thought. Until, Thank You again, you started posting pictures with what was in it and I realized 'I am missing out on something awesome!' so I think we are going to try it!

I made up an April Box tonight! It has the following in it:
  1. Green colored rice
  2. 6 glitter plastic easter eggs (each contains coins/candies)
  3. 1 Cross Cookie Cutter
  4. 1 big duck cookie cutter/1 small duck cookie cutter
  5. Magnetic letters spelling: Easter & Egg
  6. 3 pretend sheep
  7. 1 green playdoh/1 purple playdoh
  8. 1 pretend carrot/1 pretend lettuce leaf
  9. 4 cotton balls
  10. 1 small cup of corn kernals
  11. 1 packet of "spring colored" sprinkles
  12. 1 packet of VeggieTales Easter chocolate coins
  13. 2 feathers
  14. Bunny shaped Marshmellows

 We are still on a long break from homeschooling, but maybe even the sensory bin can be a learning experience without the chaos.

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