Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Testing 1,2,3.

Candice got a 47/48 on her Reading test and 10/12 on her Spelling test. She also got 100% on her Math test. Im very proud of her. The mistakes that she did make were simple ones (IE: forgot an extra L or didnt read the correct word). Seeing that she remembers what we do is whats important and Im glad she is remembering! She has stayed consistent with these scores, which is even better.

On another note yesterday I was fighting what I think was the flu so we skipped lessons. The girls watched TV (i know, i know, NOT educational or good). Candice came out after Dinosaur Train and said " Mommy, Did you know we just watched lessons?" and I asked how (i knew but i wanted to see what shed say). She said that they learn about Dinosaurs and thats lessons. :) Ever my smart girl.
Also, Lance broke his hand so Candice has been full of questions about that. How it fixes itself and what the XRay shows. Yet i was worried about not having a Health Curriculum. ;)

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