Sunday, January 20, 2013

Write me a letter and read me a word

We started Cursive writing. It was rough, very rough at first. We took a break and started back up. It is much better now but slow. Slower than a snail but moving along. I want Candice to make sure she does each letter correctly before we move on to the next. Right now she seems to get the circle down for A but then misses the tail or vice versa.

I have also noticed Candice is reading better. She can now read words (short) randomly. If only we could get there with counting! We were out at Lances eye appointment and she read LAB. Im very proud of her.

We have been under way with Scouts. Cookie sales just ended and Candice sold just about 50 boxes. She is very excited. We also started Ballet again. We even went to see the Cincinnati Ballet down by Music Hall. Ill have to post the pictures I have. I thought it was informative and nice but Candice wasnt a huge fan, which surprised me.

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