Monday, January 7, 2013

Its not Burger King, Its School.

Im sorry Candice, it is not Burger King. You can not have it your way. It is school and you sometimes have to kick and scream but do it my way.

What would school be like if we could " have it your way"? Personally, i know I would of been in Art all day long and never left. I would of never touched a computer class and I would of had Pap Johns Pizza and Mt Dew for lunch most days. I know for Candice that means taking her time, doing ONLY Bible and Math every day and having IHOP every day. We really wouldnt have very good educations but we sure would be experts in being selfish and limited on skills. I know I dont want to raise my children this way.

There are days when school take all day it seems like here and I really have to step away from Candice. There are times when school takes a short time and everyone is happy. I will tell you though, I am a mom and teacher. I am not a Burger King employee. You will do it my way first and then after you can have it your way but show me.

Today this came from math. Candice had to write a number sentence 2+4=6. She wanted to write 6. While I already knew she knew it was 6, that was not what the directions nor I were asking her to do. She wanted to do it her way and the quick way. I needed her to show me HOW she got 6. I told her to listen to the directions and write the sentence and if she did it correctly THEN she can write it however she wanted. Guess what? She did it.

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Stefanie said...

I love this post! I feel this way just with everyday trials of being a mom. It can be quite challenging to not lose your head. I'm glad she finally saw it your way.