Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh the things we see!

Well there are some changes coming in the future and some we have made.

First we changed up Phonics. I LOVE Horizons but its too rule heavy and I found the love for Explode The Code. So well switch to Horizons when we finish ETC. I also found Abeka Writing With Phonics 1, BUT its the same as Horizons so i think well make it work. THEN I found Doorposts Hidden Treasures, which is a MUCH better bible.

As for other things? Candice did a recent Reading and Math assessment. She is between 1st and 2nd for both and that makes me happy. She actually scored higher with math than reading.
We went to Milford MOPS today. Its still the same awesome-ness BUT my kids are older and im sad but the love isnt there. I know I can grow from being there, but I will be limited because they have pregnant bellies, babies and toddlers. I dont. I have contacted a few MOMSnext groups and the Loveland one is tomorrow!! I went to our CHEC meeting for Kenwood and that was AWESOME too. I loved everything about it.

I got my Notification in the mail so im framing it :) Call it inspiration!

Tomorrow we have a field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo with Brooklynn from Homeschool Summer Camp. Then Friday is Scouts! (and MOMSnext tomorrow)

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