Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not Back To School Blog Hop: DITL

We did this earlier this year but things have changed slightly. We have since moved and dont do some of the same things. Some things are similar though. See here for DITL post.

A Few Notes:
1) We school year round
2) We dont have a start time, end time, recess, etc. We take it as it comes. Very relaxed. some days too relaxed.

Usually we start after lunch. I ask the girls to clear off the table and get their stuff out. We keep it in the dining room table bench. They each get out their supply boxes and books. Sometimes ill turn on music, but not always.
Lana sits on the left of the bench and Candice on the right and I am at the head of the table. It just works out better this way. I do need to find a way to separate them because Lana is a CONSTANT talker!
I will have Lana start on her Calender Book AKA: Black Book. (Thanks again 1+1+1=1 Blog!) and at the same time I will get started with Candice. I ask her what she wants to do first. Today for example she wanted to do spelling. We wrote her spelling words on her index cards while Lana chatted away at us and did her black book.
Then we took a break so i can write this on the couch. The girls are doing Lanas Black Book.
I then got Lana started on her Rod & Staff C book reviewing the numbers 1-5 and working on #5 while Candice chooses to either read, write, or do some math. She chose to read. She read a story to me and i helped her with the words she didnt know.
Lana then gets to get on Zoodles since she is finished with her work so i can have silence and finish with Candice. This has worked out SO much better since starting this.
Now I finish with Candice and do some math review and 1 writing lesson.
Then she can get on Zoodles and then we do dinner!

Of course we havent started the new school year and I have NO idea how our day will be then, but well make it work. Our day isnt always like this. Sometimes we do more, sometimes less. It is what it is. :)

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