Thursday, September 13, 2012

MOMSnext & A field trip!

Today I tried a new MOMSnext group. (Off shoot of MOPS but for school aged children). I attended the Loveland group. Overall? Great group and they are the oldest MOMSnext group in Cincinnati. Everyone seemed nice and there is ONE other homeschooler. I will go back. I still have Kenwood MOMSnext to try though, they are next Tuesday.

Today we also went on a Zoo field trip with Brooklyn. (sorry i have been misspelling her name). The kids all had a blast!! We saw all the animals and rode on the train. Great day and everyone is exhausted! Candice asked to do a sleepover so thats tomorrow night. THEN Cathy, Brooklyns mom mentioned a Ballet class up the street from me on Saturday and Im going to try that. Im still upset we couldnt do the CoOp.

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