Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Shift In Life

We use Horizons for Phonics, Spelling and Writing for Candice. We havent been using the writing because I feel like she is strong in writing. Spelling is ok. Phonics is the big one. The book is FULL of rules. Rules after Rules of Rules and More RULES! AGH! How is she suppose to learn to read when she has to remember all the rules!! SO I stepped away. FAR away. Phonics rules are important, but she has to learn beyond the rules. I have started having Candice read everything. No more " I cant read". I have began to add writing again. I stopped Spelling. I want her to focus on reading and learning to read through writing, then we can focus BACK on rules and spelling.
It is going A LOT better!

As for Lana, There is a serious Focus issue. She gets very easily distracted and its frustrating. I dont have a solution for it yet.

As for our school day (which will be a later post this week (A Day In Our HS Life))..... I changed things up there too. Candice and Lana will do their lessons and whoever is done first will get on Zoodles in my room while the other finishes and then the 2nd one can get on Zoodles. MUCH easier to get work done this way!

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