Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Good Day!

The last week Good Days are hard to come by around here! We had to stop schooling Lana because my Sanity and her little mind couldnt handle it. Candice has been refusing to do anything until very late in the day, which makes every one cranky. Not a very good mix really. Until this week.

Today- Lana did her Calender Notebook *(thanks 1+1+1=1!!!!)* while Candice breezed through all of her lessons!!! She knows all of her phonics rules (test tomorrow), did her writing, which was I's , Ts and Ls, then she did the Spelling blocks and a worksheet from the book. She is working on math- counting to 20. Oy.. That may be the nail in the coffin as far as the good week goes. I have a feeling she'll cause trouble.

AND.......if youll notice........ I changed my blog name!! I bought a Domain! was taken :( So I had to go with It still fits everything, but i wish I could of had the first choice. Maybe next year?

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