Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Ideas Come to Life!

I LOVE The Homeschool Lounge. For a variety of reasons really. I think I have found our Science curriculum thanks to the moms on there and I found Click N Spell. CNS is $50 though, so that was out, until today when No More Rack had it for $10!!!!! YAHOO!! I bought it and so far Candice is doing OK. She got 25%, then 50% and needs at least 60% until she can move on to the next lesson. It doesnt follow along with our Spelling, but it will help build her vocab.

1plus1plus1equals1 had a GREAT idea for keeping playdoh from getting messy and picked up! Use a Jewelry box, Fishing Box, etc. She got her box off Amazon, but I went to Walmart. for $10, they had a Jewelry Box over by where the beads and things are. Its tall enough playdoh containers can fit in it (tall ones laying down, small ones standing) + everything that goes with playdoh (scissors, shapes, cutters). I LOVE it much better!!!
Then she had Blocks that she puts her children's spelling words in and i decided to make some rather than buy some off Amazon like she did. :)

Other than that, Candice has a Phonics test on Friday to see if she knows the Vowel Rules. She is doing GREAT in Math, we are already on lesson 14 of MUS!!! Addition + 1 was today. She really seems to grasp Math much better with MUS! Spelling we played on CNS and Then played with the Spelling Blocks. Shed roll the dice and say and spell the word. We are skipping out on writing for right now, im still trying to see if its worth it to do it. She gets bored because its too easy for her. 

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