Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zoodles Toodles.

Today we just worked on Zoodles. Candice really likes the paint option. She is so funny in that she will ask the most random questions: What is a groove? How does a lightbulb work? Today I got; Why don't some boys and girls have babies? We did really well with the TV fast. So far no one has had a melt down.

I also joined back up on TheHomeschooLounge.com. I have to say it is very good for support. The ladies on there are wonderful. They also have a great chat feature for when you have those quick questions during lessons, which I have to say i have done many times. Tonight they had a chat and tonight I won a devotional! Which will be really helpful.

I also as you can tell made some changes to the blog. Changed the name, added a button (steal it!), added some links I like, changed our banner and Im hoping more people will "follow" and comment!! I am using this blog as accountability but if you have a thought, opinion, or twinge, please comment. :) Edited To Add: I use to post pictures along with what we did that day, but we lost the card reader and the SD card. Hopefully soon i can get a cord or card and re-post pictures!


MissMOE said...

Jennifer, I clicked on over from The Homeschool Lounge to check out your new blog. I've enjoyed your post so far.

Shawntele said...

Hi Jennifer, just stopping by from THL so say hello!