Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Horse Of Course!

We started going back to library class today. The librarian read a story about Dora and a kite and then the kids colored, glued, and put together their kites. Candice did really well with coloring in the lines and gluing. I cut them out for her. Then we checked out two books on Horses since yesterday we went to the local Horse farm.
Indian Creek Horses is where we went. They are around the corner and we have always stopped and just looked at the big male horse they usually have outside. When we stopped, the owner asked if we wanted to see the new baby horse! Of course Candice got excited! She was a little scared to pet the baby, but she pet the mom. The owner said they had a horse in labor and due today, so Candice has been asking if the horse is born yet and if we can go see it. I told her maybe next week.

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