Monday, April 4, 2011

TV Fast means getting creative! Curriculum Choices too!

We are doing a TV Fast this week. Aside from DVDs from the library. We started out this morning with Candice and Lana doing their Sensory Box. They played with it until Lana and Candice tried to sneak and eat the marshmellows. I let Candice do some of her letters with Starfall and then she got on Zoodles for a good long time. Now she is watching Veggie Tales Twas The Night Before Easter. I think we will finish out the day after dinner with a family board game, likely Dont Wake Daddy. Day 1 has been good...4 more to go. Through God, we can cut down TV.

I think I jumped into K12. I dont think it will work for Candice. I think it will work for ME, not her. That is not the point of Homeschooling. Last night I went through all the brochures we got from the convention and every one i picked was christian based so I think its a safe bet to say thats the one sure thing we are going with. I have a few top contenders but Ill need to look into them and pray about them because its a year long commitment.

Keep an eye out for my next Convention review!
CHEK Convention June 24/25 in Louisville, KY

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