Monday, April 4, 2011

Shes sort of enrolled/Fasting

We signed Candice up for K12. At least for now. I dont like that its "public school" and is strict, yay for living in Ohio. I think though it will be good to at least get us started. I dont feel 100% on the choice, but for now I will be ok. I need to start working on saving money for Bible Curriculum and maybe see if we can save for something else too- Sonlight or something. I did looked into Switched On Schoolhouse and I REALLY like it, but its for grades 3+. I would just keep doing our own thing until then, but i feel like I am cheating Candice by not doing anything.
After hearing The Duggars, this week we are doing a TV Fast. Myself included. No TV for 1 week. No exceptions. We will fill our days with schooling, games, fun, and I hope by the end of the week, we can see TV is an extra, not a NEED.

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