Saturday, April 2, 2011

Midwest Homeschool Convention Review

I attended the Midwest Homeschool Convention tonight. At first I was expecting booths upon booths of vendors giving brochures and little talks and then of course the Duggars at the end. Before we left I wrote out a list of vendors I wanted to visit.....

  • A Beka - didnt look beneficial
  • Accelerated Christian Ed - did NOT visit
  • All About Spelling/All About Reading - Nice Supplements
  • Alpha Omega - did NOT visit
  • Heart Of Dakota - did NOT visit
  • Homeschool Channel - Neat and good for a resource/updates
  • Homeschool Legal Advantage- VERY GOOD!
  • Homeschool Spirit Wear - good but pricey
  • Math U See - Specifically math based. 
  • My Fathers World- christian based
  • National Bible Bee- for 7 and up, did not apply to us
  • Old Schoolhouse Magazine- VERY GOOD!!!
  • Saxon - Not a lot of info available
  • Charlotte Mason- Seems very structured. 
  • Sonlight- Christian Based but seemed very flexible and easy
  • Usborne- did NOT visit
  • Switched on Schoolhouse- did NOT visit
  • K-12- VERY GOOD and very flexible
  • Ohio Virtual Acad - VERY GOOD
  • Rod & Staff- overly christian
  • Applied Inspirations- very techy
  • Bible Curriculum- Christian based but flexible and Sunday School like
  • Lamp & Quill - Not much info given
  • In The Hands Of a Child- Lapbook and VERY GOOD
We got there and at 2:30 Michelle Duggar was speaking but the room was too full and we were disappointed. we decided to listen to Family Man speaker- Todd Wilson on "help I married to a homeschooling wife" and he was FUNNY! Im very glad we heard him! Then we then went on to see the above vendors. We did not get to all the vendors, the last 3 rows actually because we ran out of time. Next year we will give ourselves an extra hour to walk around. Food Prices were expensive. Next time I will bring a drink at least.  At about 4:30 we stood in the VERY long line to see The Duggars that started at 6. Finally we were able to be seated. They introduced everyone and they started off singing and playing their violins. Everyone was there but Josie. I missed the Meet & Greet as it was this morning. They then talked about how they met, their basic values and beliefs and how their show got started. They made me re-evaluate things in my life, as a wife and homeschooler. No TV/Internet and Slow to Anger and when you commit, commit to God. They will be back in Cincinnati for a book signing in june. I plan to attend, I can also say I WILL attend next years Homeschool Convention! Well worth the money, especially for a new homeschool family.

as for which curriculum we are leaning towards- K12/Sonlight/In The Hands Of A Child/Bible Curric most likely.

We also missed Tim Hawkins, who is SO funny!
Every Homeschoolers Theme song

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MissMOE said...

Sounds like a worth-while trip.