Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hop on Mops and a deep thought

Today Candice and Lana went to MOPS with me, Candice is so excited to go and play with the kids. I think Lana is a bit in the middle really. They talked about Easter/Jesus and made a little picture of Jesus and the tomb. After Candice and I went to her Library class. They made a little chick inside of an egg. I had Candice write her name on the back and she gave me some trouble. After that, we went to see the horses. She loves to see the horses! Finally today was concluded with reading If You Give A Mouse A Cookie together and playing Dont Spill The Beans. In addition to this, Candice has been introduced to Books on Tape and I have to say, they have cut down on fights in the car. Candice also had a brief music lesson, if you want to call it that. She got one of Lana's formula cans and banged on it with a plastic and then a metal spoon to see if they made different sounds.
 What Do They Know? What Do You Think They Know?
This is my deep thought. I would of never considered that Candice is not driving me crazy by not answering me correctly, she is simply answering from her perspective! Here i was thinking otherwise! Now, i will focus on the beauty in this, not the anger.

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Arby said...

I am glad that I can help. Sometimes our little ones are contrary, and many times they are just participating in our shared world as best they can. Thank you for reading and thank you for leaving a comment.