Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Even at its worse....its better than the alternative

Oh boy. We had one of those days that I got by on just a thread of patience. We havent had one of these days in awhile. I hate them and Candice does too. There were several times I had to just tell her to find something else to do and then we'd try again. It took several times and finally she got it all done.
First we worked on Zoodles.
We did a few cute new games. I upped her games by her age. They are for 5-6 year olds now instead of 4-5 year olds. A Bit harder. She did a Time Telling game. She had to match the Analog to Digital. Candice did really well. She watched a few videos. Then we did an Elmo counting game where he had 6 flowers and she needed to match the number 6 to the 6 flowers. Shes always sort of had trouble with this.
After Zoodles, we got out the wipe off board and did A-H and their sounds. She didnt know A, D, and G. Then we did more with the clock, which she needs to work on. Finally we finished with COME again.

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