Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Math frustration

Candice is refusing the last two days to do math. I know she can do it, it just frustrates me. I am thinking of switching up the schedule so Math is 1st and making History last. I just dont know how else to get her to do it.

Today we talk more about community helpers and how they help. Why would you go to the helpers? L.Arts was more on working with E and F. We made noodle art (letter E and F). She got a kick out of adding food color. Break was Go Fish. She kicked my butt, She tends to win. Science was starting to talk about Prediction. If I drop this pencil, what will happen? Surprisingly she got it right. Math was harder. I had her match up the numbers and then unscramble them, which of course took forever because she was acting as if she didnt know the numbers.

Tomorrow Lance is doing lessons and I hope it goes more smoothly. I think we'll finish the week with Math last and then next Monday start with it first.

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