Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homeschool Frustrations

I have found since starting homeschooling that its like a belly button. Everyone has an opinion. Mostly they are not nice. Usually its the general things:

" You went to Public school"
"What about socialization?"
"She's 4.5, she doesnt need school right now"
"When are you putting her into public school?"

The 4.5 one REALLY irks me. Who says that a 4.5 year old isnt capable of learning? Kids at her age are put into daycare and Preschool all the time, why is homeschooling different? Because I refuse to "play" with her all day and call it learning? Candice is capable of so much more than that. I have seen it. I might get frustrated at her, but what parent doesnt? Did your parents ever get mad because you got a C on a test they knew you should of got an A on? It is the same thing. I can either take it with a grain of salt and say " Thanks but no thanks" or I can finally stand up for my choice for my daughter and say exactly what I said above " Why should I settle for "play learning" when I know she can do so much more?" I haven't decided which yet. However, if you're reading this, please dont assume that a young child can't learn as much as your 5 year old or 6 year old. Don't assume I am making Candice sit here and read off of workbooks all day with little to no play or guidance. I actually chose Lessonpathways because its hands on AND play. I worry every day " Is this enough?" and I don't need more worry.

Candice has come a long way. From not knowing colors, shapes, letters, how to hold a pencil to knowing Spanish, How to write letters, How to count to 5, What a firefighter does.... she DOES learn and it is not through playing.

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